13th Age: The Dragon Empire's Last Stand

Those Who Forget The Lessons of History
...are doomed to repeat it

The party is roused from slumber to the muffled sounds of battle against the keep they were now in. heavy thumping against stone, mixed with the panicked shouts from defenders. The group finds themselves inside a stone room with straw matted pallets for beds and in the company of people we recognize as the caravan party we were recently contracted to protect. Strange however is the sensation of deja vu, but not quite. Most of the party might even describe it as a second set of memories, but not the wizard. The wizard has two sets of identical memories and was slightly hung over, but otherwise took little notice.

A door opened and the Keep’s owner along with sergeant-at-arms appeared, armored. They informed us that the keep was under siege from a blue dragon with an army at its command, though they know not why. Most of the caravan mercenaries are drafted into the defence of the keep, however a special mission was given to our party; the halfling ranger, the human wizard, and an elven rogue. Our task was to use the keep’s secret exit tunnel to go into the town and save as many civilians as possible, returning them to the safety of the keep. Along the way to the exit we learn that we’re in the Hamlet of Greenist, but the party isn’t sure how we got here.

The sergeant leads us to a disused cellar, and clears some crates to show us the way out. There’s a number of murder holes with some guards taking positions to defend the egress and protect any civilians we send back.The party journeys through the low ceilinged tunnel, (Falgar scarcely needing to duck,) past a rusted gate and into an open clearing on the exterior of the keep’s walls. There is indeed a blue dragon harassing the keep defenders and an army ransacking the town. At first glance it appears the focus is to keep the defenders suppressed in the keep, while the armies are abducting able bodied townsfolk.

In the clearing ahead of us there’s a few goblins and a large scaly hound who are on the lookout for trailing escapees. Our attempts to take them by surprise go as well as expected with Falgar’s first shots landing in the center of the goblin group; hitting none of them. Combat goes rather swiftly and we move into the town to see about rescuing some people.

The town is a mess of rubbled buildings, some still ablaze. The dragon occasionally swoops over and sets another alight, to the joy of the goblin horde. Some of the downed buildings have made a maze of the town’s streets, which we used to set ambushes for some of the groups that were leading prisoners, utilizing the rogue as bait. Feldgar even stowed his stompers to improve our stealth.

Our party had been directing civilians to a building with a large wine cellar in a part of town that looked like the enemy army had already picked through. As we returned with a few more townsfolk, we find to our horror a party of goblins digging at the entrance to our “saferoom”. Most are dispatched, but not before one goblin runs away (assumably to inform others of where the escapees are hiding) and two others go into the cellar.

As the party was about to go into the cellar to finish off the two remaining foes and take everyone back to the safety of the keep, a large force of the enemy arrives, led by a dragonkin. He quickly sees us and hisses out out “The Champions have arrived!” “The assassins are here! Charge!” As he begins his charge he’s knocked back and there’s a haze about everything. A bright flash announces the arrival of a new foe who’s seemingly responsible for the change in events. It’s a tall, gorilla-like creature, with white fur and red eyes, and it’s taken a particular interest in the wizard, charging at him instantly and swiping with it’s claws.

In this moment the wizard has a brief glimpse of clarity; he’s been here before, quite some time in the past, and he recognizes Falgar from the “alternate” memory set and recalls they were hunting after a demon in Axis, a demon that fits the description of the one currently slashing at his throat. The elf rogue however, is a mystery, but that will need to get sorted out once the demon is slain.

The party quickly dispatches the demon and the images of the dragon, goblin armies, and Greenist fade. Like a bad shared dream, the party wake up in more comfortable and familiar surroundings. The elf rogue is also with us. A porter runs off to inform someone that we’re awake, while another instructs us that we need to stay put, the Archmage has words for us…

Session 5
Axis Arrest!

PCs present: Bruce, Falgar, Tal, Westley

Session 4
Retrieval of Reginald

PC Present: Bruce, Falgar, Regi, Tal, Westley


Session 3
Crusaders' Cruelty

PCs Present: Falgar, Regi, Tal

Session 2
My Name Is Bruce

PCs Present: Bruce, Falgar, Regi, Tal

Stuff that happened

Session 1
The Dungeon of Disaster (Necromancer's Lair)

PCs Present: Falgar, Regi, Tal

Falgar fall down. Many times.


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